NHS "prevention-focused" dental care

The UK government announced that more NHS dental practices will be joining a scheme for prevention-focused dental care following successful results where it has been tested. Up to 50 practices in England will be selected to join the 73 currently testing a new approach to dental care, which incentivises dentists to offer full oral health assessments and self-care plans on top of traditional treatments.
In the first year of piloting the new approach, dentists reported that 90% of patients had reduced or maintained levels of tooth decay, 80% of patients had reduced or maintained levels of gum disease and 97% of patients said they were satisfied with the dental care they received. 

The new practices are currently being selected and will join from October 2018 and January 2019. The scheme could be rolled out nationally from April 2020 if it can be shown to benefit patients, the NHS and dental practice following a thorough evaluation.
But what do we think of this news - is it a good idea? Will it work practically? We’d love to hear your thoughts.